Connecting Times Square

Responsive Street Furniture

Designed in response to an invitation by the Times Square Alliance, the modular seating system proposes a strategy for place-making that is adaptable, resilient, and allows the self-assembly of social spaces unique to the vibrant environment of Times Square. Nearly 364,000 people visit Times Square daily, and the plazas host a variety of programs and events that are constantly changing.

Composed of post-consumer recycled plastic, these sustainable and multifunctional pieces create a variable landscape within the open spaces of the Times Square pedestrian plazas, specifically in the area known as “the Bowtie”

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LocationNew York, NY
TypePublic Space / Sensors / Data
Area185,360 ft2 / 17,220 m2
StatusCommissioned Study
ClientTimes Square Alliance
TeamBettina Zerza, Principal
Seth Embry, Maia Simon, Karl Tipler

Material Database: Material ConneXion

Product Development: MAGIS spa

Site Plan Times Square

Seating Arrangements

Wireless charging


Bold Graphic Shape

Symmetrical Form


Projected Interactions: Outward, Inward, and Linear