Connecting Times Square

Responsive Street Furniture

Designed in response to an invitation by the Times Square Alliance, the modular seating system proposes a strategy for place-making that is adaptable, resilient, and allows the self-assembly of social spaces unique to the vibrant environment of Times Square. Nearly 364,000 people visit Times Square daily, and the plazas host a variety of programs and events that are constantly changing.

Composed of post-consumer recycled plastic, these sustainable and multifunctional pieces create a variable landscape within the open spaces of the Times Square pedestrian plazas, specifically in the area known as “the Bowtie”

(where Broadway crosses Seventh Avenue between 42nd and 47th Streets). Through an ongoing dialogue with the Times Square Alliance’s creative team, the seating design was refined and adapted to fit perfectly into the overall redevelopment master plan. In addition to providing a resting place and meeting point for the adventuring tourist, or serving as a lunch spot for neighborhood employees eager to escape the office, the units are also equipped with charging stations.

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LocationNew York, NY
TypePublic Space / Sensors / Data
Area185,360 ft2 / 17,220 m2
StatusCommissioned Study
ClientTimes Square Alliance
TeamBettina Zerza, Principal
Seth Embry, Maia Simon, Karl Tipler

Material Database: Material ConneXion

Product Development: MAGIS spa

Site Plan Times Square

Seating Arrangements

Wireless charging


Bold Graphic Shape

Symmetrical Form


Projected Interactions: Outward, Inward, and Linear