New York Red Bulls

Blurring the Boundary

The athletic complex for the New York Red Bulls, a Major League Soccer team, consists of five soccer fields, a training center, and a field house. The main training facility, which serves both the Red Bulls and their youth academy teams, consists of multiple locker rooms, a gym, a spa, physical therapy rooms, trainers’ rooms, and a players’ lounge.

The design, both for individual buildings and the overall master plan, creates an efficient and clear separation of functions while projecting a clean and strong image to the outside.

The many different spaces of the training facility drive the design of the main building. The offices, directly accessible from the main lobby, are oriented toward the parking lot.

The showers and spa occupy the middle part of the building, acting as a transition from the street-shoe areas to the physical therapy rooms and lounge. The ground floor is the professional team’s primary space, with its own showers, spa, trainers’ rooms, and locker rooms. The second floor houses the professional team’s recreational rooms, the academy rooms, and the press room. The gym, which will be used by all players, is on both floors on the west side of the building. On the second floor, a private dining room enclosed in translucent glass divides the lounge and the general dining area. The professional team’s spaces enjoy a spa-like atmosphere, whereas those of the academy are more utilitarian but retain a high quality of design. Although there are multiple connections between these different spaces, it is possible for each to function completely separately from the others.

Running east to west, the building is structured primarily by an exposed metal frame that also provides an overhang on the north and south sides. The north- and south-facing glass facades bathe the interior training rooms in light and offer a wide view of the fields and nearby surroundings. Textile sails mounted below the overhang provide privacy and protection from direct sunlight. On the north side, a balcony gives spectators a perfect overview of the fields. The building emphasizes the outdoors, allowing the outside world to penetrate via the large glass facades; through this connection of interior and exterior, the project embodies a sense of calm amid the intensity of athletics.

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LocationKearny, New Jersey
TypeSports / Recreation
Area41,876 ft2 / 3,890 m2
StatusCommissioned Study
ClientNew York Red Bulls
TeamBettina Zerza, Principal
Christian Kotzamanis, James Maynard

Structural Engineering and Building Envelope: GMS Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP

Mechanical Engineering: Consentini Associates

Construction Cost Estimate: Ellana Inc.

Athletic Complex: Florian Oberhuber